Top Quality LED Furniture for your home, event or party


Welcome To Mohican Illuminated LED  Furniture UK

All the Illuminated LED Furniture you find on the Mohican LED website is available to buy new or to hire direct from us.


Mohican Illuminated LED Furniture Sells and hires LED Furniture


All our Illuminated LED Furniture is fully rechargeable and can be used indoors & outdoors

No unsightly wires - Free standing

All Mohican Illuminated LED Furniture is fully remote controlled

All our LED units offer 16 vibrant colours including white

Choose a fixed colour or set the furniture to strobe or fade through the full spectrum

Full control over the speed of fade and strobe settings

Set level of brightness required from subtle glow to bright glow

All functions controlled via a small, slim remote control (incl with each unit)

Using just one remote you can control multiple units


We sell our fabulous Illuminated LED Furniture to anybody and everybody. We have no minimum or maximum order limits so feel free to buy or hire as little or as much as you like from one of the largest collections of quality LED Furniture in London and the UK.


The best LED Furniture for the home, garden, event, party, show, exhibition, stand, marquee, wedding, club or bar

For use inside and out - Water / shower resistant


Do not worry if you need to ask lots of questions, we are here to answer them for you and customer care and great customer service is at the very core of what we are all about


We have been hiring our Illuminated LED furniture out to London and the UK's leading event / party organisers, clubs, bars and shows for several years now so we know everything works brilliantly day after day, night after night. There is no better quality test for any product and all our LED furniture has been well tried, tested & proven.


Each item of Illuminated LED Furniture supplied by Mohican LED comes fitted with the latest Lithium Ion battery for maximum operating times, reliability and life expectancy. Each item also comes with an infra red remote control and a mains power charger.


All our Illuminated LED Furniture is made from robust and durable polyethylene that will stand the test of time and work brilliantly both indoors and out. At the centre of each piece of furniture lies an LED HEART which is controlled either manually or via the supplied remote control unit.


All our Illuminated LED Furniture is protected by a 12 month manufacturers warranty covering manufacture fault or defect in the unit, the LED Heart, remote and charger.


LED Hearts are interchangeable and can be easily removed and replaced should the need arise.


All our Illuminated LED Furniture is designed for use both indoors and out. All items are rated to IP65 which is a rating that indicates an items resistance to solid object and liquid ingress. With an IP rating of 65 our LED Furniture is completely protected against dust ingress and protected against low pressure water jets from any direction with limited ingress permitted. None of our furniture is designed to withstand submersion in water.


Mohican LED Furniture also specialise in making slip covers for many of our products, these are available in a wide range of colours and fabrics all of which are flame retardant. We can also make protective transportation covers / bags for any item of LED Furniture - For those operating in the events industry, our protective transportation bags / covers will prolong the life of your furniture, protecting it from bumps, marks and scratches during transit - a very worthwhile investment.


We hope you find what you are looking for